Naught Presents For Christmas

Naughty Presents For Christmas

Sat, 12/08/2012 - 01:06 -- zena

If you aim to be a naughty Christmas stocking stuffer this year then why not? Christmas is just around the corner and I know that you have all been thinking about what you should give to the people that you know this holiday season. So, here is a list of things that might just help you figure our your naughty Christmas list.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have an electric blanket? Why is that naughty? Well, think about it. If your blanket will generate heat all the time then that would only mean that you and your partner will be required to be naked in bed all the time. Judging by all the sweat and the nakedness, I don't need to tell you what might come next.

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Next on the list is a personal massager. Yes, you heard me right? Look for one that can easily go from soft speed to an intense finish. Look for something with a discreet performance. It needs to have a near silent vibration so that it won't silent the mood. I am sure you and your partner will both be able to use it in some of your sexual positions every now and then.

How about giving out an oil that can make your partner aroused? Actually, there are feminine arousal oils out there that might be helpful to you if you want to give one to your current partner. Lubricants might not be commonly used by all couples but there is always a first time for everything. Why don't you try to give one to her and use it on Christmas day? I am sure you will end up loving Christmas even more.

Nothing else says sexy but lingerie. Mangerie might sexy too but men like giving women lingerie and not the other way around. Make sure you get the right cup size and the right body size in order to achieve better results. I am sure your partner will be more flattered if you get her the right choice. Something of the right print, color and design will help her feel sexier too. I am sure you will enjoy it soon after especially once it is crumpled on the floor.

How about a polaroid camera with a naughty note attached to it? When you give naughty ideas about you and your partner using it for something kinky then I am sure your partner will start getting more ideas. Taking naughty pictures is hot but always remember to keep them to yourselves. Don't go all out with them. Your privacy matters.

All people want a massage to relieve themselves off of stress. Why not offer a sexy massage to your partner with your loving hands? Use some oil and create the mood by putting some scented candles all around you. I am sure your partner will offer a massage for you as well. When you are both relaxed and relieved, I am sure you would both want to be doing something else.

How about giving out anything related to Kama Sutra? There will always be a Kama Sutra book out there waiting for you. How about try buying other materials that you can use for your sexual pleasures? Try something sweet like chocolate lotion or something more seductive. I am sure both you and your partner would benefit from it, in bed or in other surfaces.

There are so many naughty gifts out there. You just need to be creative in giving them. You don't need Christmas to give gifts to your loved ones. You can give them in any other occasion too. If you have been a lousy gift giver all these years then why not try harder this year and perhaps get better rewards soon after. Believe me, you will not end up regretting it.

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