More Than Friends - The Right Time to Take It To Next Level

More Than Friends - The Right Time to Take It To Next Level

Sun, 11/04/2012 - 14:34 -- maiya

No relationship can be more beautiful and strong when it is made up of two good friends. For every strong relationship and to build a strong and relationship where there is more understanding and care is much greater than personal egos all we need is to have a good friendship.

I believe that all happy and good relationships have the base of friendship. However, the question is when it is the right time to transform that base that is friendship into a relationship. There are always clues or hints around you and you just need to get them at right time in order to have fruitful outcomes. Same goes with turning the friendship into a relationship. The first thing that you need to see is for how long you guys are friends. Is your friendship old or it is new. If the friendship is old and you people know each other from a year or two, then you will be very comfortable with him/her and you guys can share everything easily but if the friendship is new and it has not been much time then I would suggest you to wait for sometime before taking your relationship to next level and give yourself time in knowing hi/her in better way and to evaluate that whether he/she is compatible with you or not.

The second step would be to get to know that whether your friend feels the same for you or not. Does he/she also have feelings for you and whether they also want some progress in relationship? If yes then it is the green signal for you. The transition from friendship to relationship is not very easy. There will be times when you people will feel really awkward. So all you need to do is take things slowly. Start spending lots of time together where you are not sitting with your other friends but you people are alone. This will help you in making the foundations of your relationship strong and will also facilitate you in getting to know each other. Care for him/her more than a friend. When you are thinking to take your friendship to next level then you also have to show it by your actions. You will be required to make him/her feel special and for that you will need to treat them differently the way you treat your other friends.

You can also use little bit flirting in order to show him/her that you like them and you are all set to move towards next level. And after all these signals and regular text messages and phone calls you need to invite them over a date so that you can start up the new chapter and can enter to the next phase. You might need to avoid few topics and alter few habits when you enter into the new relationship that asks you to behave more like a couple than ordinary friends. Give them attention, make them feel that they can never get the companion like you and most importantly take things very slowly and don’t rush into things.

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Maiya Hashmi