How Is Sex Beneficial?

Thu, 12/27/2012 - 23:42 -- zena

Sex is a word that a lot of couples talk about and it is something that a lot of people usually do. It is a normal way to start the day for some people as well. Sex is healthy but did you know that it had benefits too? Who knew that sex on the brain might just actually make you a genius? Yes, that's true. Sex can make you smarter. That's a fact. Aside from that, there are so many other benefits that sex can do to us. Sex helps us live longer. It also improves our health and it prevents depression as well. But before that, let's start why sex makes us smarter.

Our mental capacity somehow improves after having sex. Perhaps this is one reason as to why men constantly think with their heads rather than with their brains. Then, there is happiness. If you want to call cum as happy juice then you might just be right. For study has found that they have mood-altering chemicals like oxytocin. Sex can also relieve us from stress. Regular intake of oxytocin makes you relaxed. Sex feels good therefore, it helps with everybody's self-esteem. Who wouldn't want that? Lastly, sex helps you get a good night sleep. Aside from lifting your spirits and relieving stress, it apparently promotes sleep. Of course, if you get enough sleep then that will make you smarter.

Aside from that, sex also reduces blood pressure, boosts immunity and burns calories. Aside from that, it also improves cardiovascular health, increases intimacy and decreases pain. But did you also know that sex reduces the risk of prostate cancer and prevents the risk of incontinence? Who knew sex could be so beneficial? According to research, more middle aged men who have high frequency of orgasms live twice as long as those who did not experience pleasure. If that is the case then women will live longer too with more sexual fulfillment than ever. Frequent sex can actually benefit men's health another way. How? It can boost testosterone which in turn is linked to stronger muscles, more energy and better cognition.

Both men and women can live longer because of sex. That is a fact. Frequent sex also causes the brain to release human growth hormones which helps people maintain their youth. Couples who make love first thing in the morning apparently, don't just feel energized for the rest of the day but they also enhance a person's immune system making it stronger. Not only does it make couples less likely to catch a cold or a flu but it also improves the quality of their hairs, skins and nails. Lastly, studies also show that having sex at least three times a week could half the risk of a heart attack or a stroke. If sex truly has these benefits then why should we hold back in doing so?

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