Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys

Girls Who Like Boys Who Like Boys

Fri, 09/07/2012 - 15:47 -- kylerichtig

There are two major camps of girls who like boys who like boys: those who want the boys for themselves, and those who are attracted to male homosexual pornography. In either case, these women may cause problems for themselves if they do not manage themselves appropriately. The men they seek may classify themselves as heterosexual, bisexual or gay based on their geographic or ethnic culture.

Men who have sex with men

This is a broad category of men who have sex with other men, but do not actively identify as bisexual or gay. These men may have female partners and only seek encounters with men. Many men who have sex with men feel trapped in heterosexual relationships, as they may not be able to identify as gay or bisexual safely. There are many men who have sex with men who have great relationships with their female partners, who understand their drive to also seek male unions.

Bisexual men

The bisexual man is often the target of female attraction, because they can represent a balance of masculine and feminine that is desirable for some. Women sometimes fear that because their man is also interested in men, that he will leave them for a man simply because he can not control his same-sex urges. While possibly true for some, it is no more likely that a bisexual man will cheat on his partner than a heterosexual one.

Gay men

Women often fall for gay men because they are safe. Friendships between heterosexual women and gay men may develop past friendship as they two begin to spend more time together. This is often the case when the woman is single and is unconsciously looking for a partner. A gay man may represent the opposite of past patterns, and therefore look appealing. Unfortunately, women often use the "I can change him." excuse when dealing with gay men. The truth is you can't. Would you be likely to become a lesbian just because a lesbian was nice to you?

There is nothing wrong with fantasizing about gay men, or watching male homosexual pornography. Issues exist when women try to change men, or have unreasonable expectations of them. If you are a woman considering have a relationship with a man that has sex with men, a bisexual man or a gay man, you should think about what your expectations are before moving forward. Would a heterosexual man better suit your needs?

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