Female Sex Fantasies

Female Sex Fantasies

Thu, 09/27/2012 - 01:58 -- zena

So, if men are from Mars and women are from Venus, what is one trick that men should equip themselves in order to under what women want more? Fantasies are healthy and believe it or not, a lot of women have had them. Whether it is from the possible to the unimaginable, name it, women have probably thought or dreamed about it. This is not saying that women are perverts. This article just proves that even the most demure and most quiet among the female species has had their share of indecent fantasies. Here are some of them:

While most women want to have a big, strong man who will carry them off to their beds and make passionate love to them every night, there are also some women who also indulge in a different kind of fantasy. Some women don't just want to be dominated by their men but they want to dominate their men as well. Apparently, the idea of being in control turns them on. They imagine that their men only focus on their bodies as they beg for release as the women do whatever the hell they want with them. Kinky but definitely not your average fantasy.

Especially after the whole 50 Shades Of Grey phase, more women have added the whole men dominating them in their fantasies. Perhaps the whole dominating thing is not for everyone but some women want to try it badly so why not try to be the dom that she craves for and start pretending that you too have a Red Room of Pain just like the infamous Christian Grey. I am sure a lot of women would love to be slaves to such passion. While dominating women is great for some, that doesn't mean that you have to go over the top with it. It is all in moderation, as they say.

Did you know that some women crave to become the naughty student in your bedroom while you pretend to be their strict but hot professor? Although the idea sounds absurd but some, this information is true especially among those who have the idea of spanking as kinky. So, why not make her wear her skimpiest pair of school uniform and let her seduce you away. I am sure at the end of all the punishing with your hand marking her behind, she just won't stop and beg you for more. Hot sex will sure ensue after. Who wouldn't want that?

Believe it or not, sex with a stranger is one of the kinkiest fantasies that women have. Although most women feel discouraged to try it due to many reasons. Guilt being one of them as well as other things. Although many women are dissuaded to try it, that doesn't mean that they will stop fantasizing about it. Apparently, many women still fantasize that a tall, dark and handsome man will sweep them off their feet to take them to his bedroom and have wild, passionate sex with him. Although such an idea is outrageous and absurd to many, some women still keep on trying. In their dreams, that is.

This probably is one of the strangest sexual fantasies that some women have. Although I admit to not have it, I am sure other women have had it. Having a threesome with another woman might sound like it is never going to be possible but still some women crave it. Perhaps this scenario doesn't work for me for I am more of a generous yet selfish lover. Although I like giving my all to my partner, I hate the idea that I actually have to share him with someone.

If having a threesome with another woman makes some women feel disturbed then I am sure that a threesome with two men doesn't sound as disturbing. Many women imagine the most desirable men that they know and then imagine them doing pleasurable things to them. Such a fantasy is prevalent among many women. I cannot deny that perhaps I have also had this fantasy once or twice before. Can you blame me? There are just too many hot men to drool over these days.

Being forcibly violated might sound offensive to most women but did you know that this is actually one secret fantasy that some women have? Experts say that the thought of a stranger tying a woman up and then forcing her to have sex with him after he tears of her clothing and goes rough on her makes a woman feel vulnerable but at the same time, makes a woman feel violated but at the same time free from guilt and pain. Since it is a fantasy, it only means that the women who fantasize about it, do not need to worry about anything bad that can happen to them in the end. It is a strange fantasy but women like it. How odd is that?

Some women hate their men going to strip clubs but that doesn't mean that they don't want them to look at them when they become their private dancers. Stripteasing while dancing sensually in front of their partners is one fantasy that women have. Although not all women indulge in this fantasy, many women still want to do it. Apparently wearing sexy costumes while seducing their partners is not only a fantasy for some women but also a reality.

If you are still lost and do not know what your woman really wants then be aware of her fantasies. Perhaps this list will help you unlock her deepest, darkest secrets and hopefully, you will be able to help her unlock her inner sex goddess. Best of luck to you!

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