Does Reading Increase Your Sexiness Around The Opposite Sex?

Does Reading Increase Your Sexiness Around The Opposite Sex?

Thu, 11/22/2012 - 17:58 -- zena

It is said one tool for men to get laid more is when they read more. Young men might not think this is true but honestly, women dig men who have essence. So, I suggest that you brush up on your literature starting today. In a perfect world, all people read a lot in your free time, for pleasure, while waiting for someone and so on. You should read because it is one of the things that you can do to make a better person. You don't have to read good books all the time, the key is you just need to keep on reading. Reading is beneficial because? Well, it makes you smarter. Reading will educate you and will make you more knowledgeable about many things. I am sure nobody wouldn't want that.

Women adore men who read because of many reasons. If a man will talk to a woman and he chooses his words well then a woman will be interested in him. Fortunately for him, if he has indeed read books then he can use some of the things that he has read to make the conversation more interesting. If the woman is a reader as well then he will most likely have a good time talking with her. She would be impressed and wouldn't think of him as just a man who wants to get into her pants. If a man ends up talking to a woman who isn't really a reader, chances are she will either get bored or she will be impressed. If she gets bored and leaves you then too bad for you. If she gets impressed and urges you to tell her more then that is a good sign. She probably thinks you are an intelligent man and definitely someone interesting.

Reading is an entertaining hobby. Most people just neglect it and find no importance in its relevance. Women who meet men who read often say that men who can talk about many versatile topics make them more interested to get to know them more. If a man doesn't know a lot of things and doesn't say a lot of things while on a date, I don't see that as being an enjoyable time at all. Although some women dig the silent, bad boy types, there are more who want to date men who actually have a little intellect. Reading definitely adds up to a man's sexiness. I don't think I can stand a man who doesn't even know something simple. I don't think I would stay dating a man who doesn't know who Shakespeare is or doesn't even have opinions about literary subjects. Reading might be for everyone but I hope that men out there will realize the relevance out there. For all you know, you have been getting rejected so many times because of your lack of knowledge about many things. So, why not start taking reading up as a hobby now? It is never too late after all.

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