Bad Excuses To Use For Skipping Sex

Bad Excuses To Use For Skipping Sex

Mon, 01/28/2013 - 14:50 -- zena

How many times do you have sex in a day or perhaps in a week? Think about it. If you rarely get busy in the sack and you have a partner with you then have you ever wondered why nothing's going on between the two of you? Perhaps you just haven't noticed but your partner might have already used some of these excuses on you lately. I think it is about time that you know that there are some excuses that are not really good enough to say for you to skip sex.

One of the most common excuse would have to be “I'm too tired”. I know that after a hard day's work most people will not have time to even fantasize or think about getting down and dirty with their partners but honestly, it would be healthier if one did. Regardless of how tired a person is, if one is driven to get laid, he/she will get it done regardless of how it goes. This does not need to be a daily thing but I think your partner would appreciate a kinky activity every now and then.

I'm so busy that I don't have time right now

Sure, this sounds logical but then again telling your partner that you are too busy and don't have time just shows that you don't care about them but yourselves. I am sure you don't want your partner to feel neglected and by saying this excuse, you already are. This is why you should always have a schedule for everything. Even if most people want to be more spontaneous about these things, sometimes it isn't practical. Make time for it, regardless of how busy you are.

Your partner wants you and would love to make love with you. What more can be wrong with that?

I don't feel beautiful or handsome today

Vanity can kill people's libidos but it can also kill the mood of a partner who just wants to have you to herself/himself. Pointing out something that you hate about yourself just shows how insecure you are and not confident about how you look. Partners don't really care about these things when they just want something physical from you. Telling your partner something like this is never valid. Learn to be more sensitive to your partner's needs instead of your silly insecurity. Your partner wants you and would love to make love with you. What more can be wrong with that?

My favorite show is on

As if internet television, downloaded episodes as well as DVD collections have not be invented yet? This reason is not valid. No matter how you look at it. Your partner should always be more important than what you are watching regardless if it is an important scene or not.

I have a headache

Pills can fix everything. Actually getting it on while having a headache can help. It also helps you not focus on it and focus on something else. Getting in on the action should help both you relax which is why this excuse is just lame.

Skin on skin contact with kissing, touching, and a little foreplay will help getting you in the mood

I'm not in the mood

One of the most common excuses would have to be. Most men can get instant erections but women just need extra coaxing to get into the mood. So when you don't feel like doing it, at least try. Trying to be in the mood is different from downright telling your partner that you don't want to do it. Skin on skin contact with kissing, touching, and a little foreplay will help getting you in the mood. So don't knock it until you've tried it.

Honestly, as long as both of you are in the mood then you should keep sex coming. It is healthy for couples to do so. If you think that you are lacking action in the sack then it is about time to get him/her into it. Learn ways on how you can get your partner excited once more and perhaps after trying them out then things will get better. You don't need to be jumping each other’s' bones every waking hour like procreating rabbits, all I am saying is all couples need a healthy dose of lovemaking. There is no valid reason for never getting else. Think about it. If he/she isn't getting is from you then how sure are you that he/she won't be getting it elsewhere?

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