A Guide To Webcam Fetishes - Addictive or Not

A Guide To Webcam Fetishes - Addictive or Not

Sun, 10/28/2012 - 19:52 -- zena

We all know that computers and the internet have become a part of our daily lives. Every day many people use them for many different reasons. Whether it is for work or for personal reasons, it seems that we can no longer live without such modern technologies. Unfortunately, some people somehow misuse these modern technologies as they find out new ways on how develop their own fetishes. One of them is the birth of webcam fetishes.

some people somehow misuse these modern technologies as they find out new ways on how develop their own fetishes

I used to chat online when I was younger but I rarely used my web camera as I wasn't really comfortable with other people seeing me. Sure, it was normal for a young adult to be insecure of how other people will perceive her especially when they based their judgments on their looks. To me, if a person truly wants to get to know me online, it doesn't matter how I look like. My appearance should just be secondary and never a first priority. Sharing pictures is okay with me but never using my web camera. Although I admit to have used it a couple of times but only with people that I have known for years. Fortunately, I have never done anything stupid while using them. I never succumbed to this webcam fetish. Although I know that many have.

Armpits can commonly be seen in some photos of webcam screen shots that I have seen recently. I don't know what is up with that but to some men, they find it erotic. Perhaps the absence of armpit hair and the whiteness or smoothness of one's armpits are highly regarded by some. I have asked some men regarding this and to them, a woman with no armpit hair, has white armpits or smooth armpits signifies how clean a woman is and the fact that they want to kiss or lick this woman's armpit is enough to make me cringe as I don't think kissing armpits is normal. Maybe it is an armpit fetish, I wouldn't know. Showing of other vulnerable parts of a woman's body like her cleavage which could lead to her breasts or her nipples then there's her upper thighs leading to her vagina. There is also the occasionally showing of behinds and even feet. As for men, they can show from their pecs down to their abs, their penises and their behinds as well. It seems there is no limit as to what one can show when webcams are on and that disturbs me. Why would I want to see a man's penis on webcam? To add to that disturbing thought is that this man is a stranger, someone that I don't know. For all I know, he could be a sex offender somewhere or perhaps a serial killer. I just don't know of it. Perhaps I am getting too paranoid here so I am moving along.

Some people say they find it arousing and addictive

I want to ask some people who do it as to why they do what they do on webcam. Most of them offer live streaming thus making more than one person see what they are doing. This means that the whole world can actually see what they are supposed to be hiding. Honestly, that is up to them if they want to show their private parts but I wouldn't be doing something like that. Some people say that they actually get paid for such shows. I don't know they do it but then again, it is not like anything is impossible these days. Some people say they find it arousing and addictive. The fact that somebody could be watching them right now makes them want to perform more for the camera. I don't want to judge people who think that way. Maybe they need real life interaction more but I don't know for sure. Other people end up having cyber sex as both parties pretend to be having sex while they are merely in front of their webcams performing for people. Some even wear costumes to make their shows more interesting while others go on a limb to use different sex toys as they use them in front of their webcameras. I am not a fan of these shows but I have seen enough to know what is going on in them and even to this day I do not understand why some people have webcam fetishes.

Are they addictive or not? Perhaps they are. To some people, they are addictive to do sa some of them become famous through it. While others find it addictive only because they get to see these people's shows live whenever they want to. Some of them don't even need to pay for their services. Somehow it is safer to do this than to hire someone to sleep with you but whichever floats your boat, it doesn't really matter much. Unfortunately, many young people become interested in this kind of interaction. Which is why many adults need to know as to how their teens or young adults use their webcams. Webcams are also know to be used in child pornography which is not cool. But regardless if you have a webcam fetish, it is up to you on you should stop it or if you should continue indulging with it. We live in a free world after all and we can always learn from the choices that we make. Hopefully though, it will not be too late.

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