Sex toys are inventions that help aid one to get the pleasure

The Sex Toys Orientation For Beginners

Thu, 09/13/2012 - 01:20 -- zena

Sex toys are inventions that help aid one to get the pleasure that he or she wants in a kinky kind of way. Nowadays, there are so many sex products being sold both online and offline for one to use. If you are still new to the idea of using sex toys in bed then here are a few suggestions on making sure that your first sex toy shopping trip will be an enjoyable one. Before you go buying yourself a sex toy or two, it is better to know some of the basic products that a newbie should own. It is best for beginners to discover what kind of sensations suits them best.

The Egg is probably one of the most basic forms of vibrators out there. It is also known as Bullet Vibrators because of their actual shape. It's smooth and hard surface as well as its small size makes it easy for women to bring anywhere. It is so handy that it can fit the palm of one's hand.

The Egg though is not normally used for insertion. It is mostly used for stimulating many different parts of the body like the nipples, the clitoris, or any other erogenous zones that one has in their bodies. It is a staple in every toy box out there because of its versatility. One can use it with or without a partner. It is usually battery operated and has about two speeds available to maximize your pleasure. Due to their discreet look, it is no wonder that most first timers like to keep one in their pockets.

The next one on the list is The Finger Vibe. They are tiny, vibrating toys that one can simply slip it on the tip of their fingers which of course, works best on a woman's clitoris. Most of these toys have different textures and attachments which help enhance pleasure. Again, they are battery operated and handy. If you are a woman who likes her clitoris getting stimulated then here's the right toy for you.

A small vibrator should always be in one's sex toys shopping list. However, be warned that buying them online won't guarantee that you will be able to get the right size that you want. Apparently, they can look big in the photos but end up being small in actual or vice versa. When in doubt, go to a local sex toy store and bring a ruler with you for measurement purposes. This is best for first timers as you don't want your first vibrator to be too big for you. You are after pleasure and not pain. It is best to gradually move from a small vibrator to a bigger one.

Many argue if a lube is a sex toy but to be honest, it is for it enhances sexual pleasure one way or another after all. If you want a more natural water based feel to it when you pleasure yourself then this is the best sex toy for you. A water based lube is also compatible with many other sex toys out there which can probably aid you to a more proper orgasm. For first timers, it is advised to use a clear lube without colors and flavors first. Moving on to more complicated varieties can wait later.

Ever heard of edible underwear? Well, this certainly will be a treat for your sexual partner if you ever showed up in one of your love making sessions in one. Nowadays, the varieties of edible underwear is just too much thus making it harder to choose. Add a little lube with another sex toy as you get ready for him while he sees you in an edible lingerie and starts devouring you. I am sure being bombarded with all the said sensations will help you climax early and hard.

Lastly, if you are more into the sensual form of love making then a little edible body paint will do just the trick. Make sure to apply generously on parts of your body that you would like to have suckled on, licked and devoured on. I am sure that with all the sex toys that you have with you, you wouldn't be so bored anymore. Remember that sex toys can not only benefit one person but also two. The usage of sex toys should be to a moderation though because depending on devices for sexual sensations can not only make you feel too needy for it that regular sexual stimulation just might not be good enough for you. Whichever sex toy you choose as your first, always make sure to bear in mind that it should not only be functional and handy but at the same time can work best with or without a sexual partner. I hope this guide was able to help you with that. Happy shopping!

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