Right Sex Toys

Right Sex Toys

Thu, 05/30/2013 - 11:00 -- amber

Many people believe that the right sex toy is the one that sells at the highest price. Though there are loads of sex toys that come in many different sizes and styles’, getting to find the right one is not as hard as it may look. Below is a simple guide to help you in choosing the perfect sex toy to meet your, or your partner’s sexual needs.

The versatility of the toy is quite important

Since versatility dictates the speed of the sex toy, it’s important that you choose one whose speed is easy to adjust. This way, you can be able to easily adjust the intensity and the speed of the toy when its being used.

The need(s) to be met also plays a determining factor

If for instance you want a toy that has the capability of reaching deep into the vagina and stimulating the g-spot, then you have to shop for one that is of the appropriate size and length. Also, there are those sex toys that are duo purpose meaning that they have the capability of stimulating both the clitoris and the g-spot simultaneously.

For you only

In case you want to own a sex toy that is highly discreet such that no one including your friends, roommates or partner will know what it is, you may consider shopping for one that imitates the shape of your day to day beauty products like the lipstick. The size also matters for you can easily hide it away in places that are hard to see. This is highly important especially in major airports where sex toys are prohibited.

Another determining factor to act as a guide when choosing your sex toy is when you intend to wear it. Although a greater percentage of sex toys are only used solo, there are some vibrators which can be worn at the exact time when someone is having sex.

The last most obvious thing is knowing who the intended user is. Since there are different toys for men and women, it’s always important to ensure that the one bought suits the person who will be using it. This is quite important especially among bisexual couples.

Apart from these suggestions, one should take advantage of the vast availability of information on the internet especially information that gives personal reviews regarding various sex toys. This way, you can always be sure of what you are getting based on other people’s feedback long before purchasing the product.

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