The Best Bedroom Game - Strip Poker

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A majority of the most sexually dynamic couples try as much as they can to get rid of any distractions that may make them drift away from each other in the bedroom like television, books, computers and phones. Still, most of them forget that after getting rid of the distracters, they ought to bring in other sensual alternatives to replace them. A good example would be introducing new games (note NOT video games) to the bedroom. Though there are a couple of games that couples can try out, there’s one main game that always stands out of the rest; strip poker.

Strip poker is believed to be one of the best games that couples can use to re-connect, rekindle the spark and more so, have fun together. Though real poker is a bit strict, you could come up with your own unique rules that will make it more interesting. Instead of putting the bets on money, you could use clothes i.e. if you lose, you get rid some of the clothes you are wearing.

When preparing for a bedroom strip poker, you have to keep it interesting and erotic

This form of bedroom game could also work as a teaser or a form of arousal before having sex. A majority of people have confessed that they get turned on more upon the sight of a stripper and what a better stripper to have than your very own spouse/partner? Furthermore, it helps build up the anticipation of sexual intercourse hence making the experience much more enjoyable and stimulating.

When preparing for a bedroom strip poker, you have to keep it interesting and erotic. Put on something good and sexy underneath that will entice your partner and want them to outdo you in the game so that you can strip as much as you can. Although some couples go as far as inviting other couples to join in the experience, you have to be wary as to whether inviting other people will end up affecting your relationship negatively.

Lastly, make it a habit so as both of you can be looking forward to the poker night as you look forward to your anniversary or any other important day. However, overdoing it may become boring after some time. To keep it fresh and spontaneous, try bringing in other erotic games into the bedroom as well that employ the same tricks. Additionally, you can invent your very own unique games.

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