Some More Words About The Foreplay

Some More Words About The Foreplay

Thu, 11/22/2012 - 17:40 -- maiya

Foreplay is probably the most important part of the night (or day wink) between lovers. Different men and women have sworn to having more intense orgasms when they first have a steamy foreplay. Most women will be asking how they’re going to do it. Lucky for you ladies, a bunch of men from one side of the world made a list entirely dedicated to this. Everything’s really simple and easy to do. Some will have to involve some kind of prop, though, so be sure to have them in your bed side drawer alongside this list.

  1. Pretending not wanting to make out turns men on. They find it challenging to get you to make out with them. Just don’t play too hard to get because your man might really take it as a “no”.

  2. Rub scarves on sensitive parts of the body. This will definitely drive your man crazy.

  3. Touching yourself and reaching for your partner’s mouth will definitely, definitely throw him off.

  4. Nibbling on their nipples will get them turned on even more. Yes, it works the same way as a woman’s pair.

  5. Contrary to popular belief, men want their butt cheeks to get attention, too. Lick the skin right under them and blow on it.

  6. Initiate by inserting your finger into yourself. Don’t pull it out once he inserts his. This will give him the impression that you want to be one with him in this experience.

  7. When going down on your man, keep your hands behind your back. He’ll enjoy the view.

  8. Try the lap dance with a twist. Make your man lie on his back and rub his body neck down with your breasts or your butt.

  9. Grab a cup of warm water and an ice cube. Wet your lips with the warm water and go down on him and then wet your lips with the ice cube then go down on him again. Do this a couple of times and watch his eyes roll to his head in pleasure.

  10. Suck on his neck while making out. This is a fool-proof way to turn him on even more.

Foreplay may not be your cup of tea but most men get their hard on during this time. If you want to get more intense orgasms for both you and your beau, turn the foreplay up a notch.

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Maiya Hashmi