More Simple Tricks On How to Arouse Your Man

Wed, 04/17/2013 - 10:38 -- zena

Most men are easy to please. Some women just don't know how. My tip: Try to be more open minded and embrace your wild side. Here are some tips that might just help you keep things interesting in bed.

Show him your exhibitionist side

Every man loves a good show. So, why not put on a show for him? Make sure you wear something sexy as you dance sensually to some music. Distance yourself from him. Make sure he sees everything that you are doing and every last inch of your being. Watching is arousing enough but what more if you actually let him participate? Let your man sit on the bed or the couch comfortably as you use a chair in front of him to dance sensually with and then to sit on to pleasure yourself. I am sure that he will be horny within minutes.

Be suggestive

Action speaks louder than words. Nibbling on his ears as you whisper sexy things to him while your breath is hot on his skin is provocative. Eating a lollipop, a Popsicle, a hotdog or a banana sensually in front of him can help his imagination go wild. Bending over in front of him in a natural fashion while wearing something short can make his blood boil too while showing a little more cleavage as you serve his meal would make his mouth water as well. It would be no surprise if he would be stiff for you in an instant.

Do wicked things to him while he is blindfolded

Want something kinky yet unpredictable? Why not try blindfolding your man and do different things to excite him at the same time. Try putting an ice cube in between your teeth and as you undress him, make sure the ice cube touches his skin slowly. You can also stimulate his senses more if you make sure he has a lot to touch and taste preferably parts of your body as you offer them to him, guiding him carefully in what to do to both heighten your pleasures.

Whether you are a good girl or a bad girl, these things are not impossible for you to do. All you need is motivation and whole lot of attitude and you are good to go. Always remember that these tips are not only beneficial to your partners but to you as well so be spontaneous.

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