Getting your Lady Ready for the Occasion

Getting your Lady Ready for the Occasion

Thu, 01/17/2013 - 01:21 -- jcartwright

Are you at that time of your life when you feel that your lady is no longer interested in sex? Always giving lame excuses? Saying that she is not in the mood?

Contrarily to what many people believe, a woman’s sexual urge increases with her age. If you feel as though she’s no longer interested, then, it must be because there’s something she is dying to see you do to her that you have been ignoring. To bring back the sexual attraction and sexual connection between the two of you, this is what you have to do:

Flirt with Her

The way to a woman’s pants is through your words. Whatever you say to her has a lot of impact on her hormones. Do it like you did the first time the two of you met. Whisper sweet nothings to her ear, text her sweet yet naughty messages at that time of the day when she least expects them or even leave her unexpected notes where she is most likely to see them. These small things are bound to slowly by slowly get her hormones all alive and yearning for you all day long, and as you may already know, there’s nothing as good as sex that has been kept in the waiting for the entire day.

Buy her Sexy Lingerie

Sexy lingerie in other words is used to communicate the idea that, ‘I am dying to see you get naughty for me in these.’ Any woman will instantly fall for a man who knows how to turn on the fire in the bedroom, more especially if he takes that extra step as to put your needs first. With the lingerie you should also bring in good music, aromatic candles and more importantly, the entire you!

Every woman has that special or weird sexual fantasy she would love to see fulfilled by the man of her dreams

Read an Erotic Piece Together

Reading other than watching is much more recommended in that each of you can visualize and put yourselves in these imaginary scenarios. Different erotic stories with different settings will help her, and you as well want to experience sex in different locations and places that are outside the bedroom. After all, it’s through reading that you get to improve your game!

Make her Wildest Fantasy Become True

Every woman has that special or weird sexual fantasy she would love to see fulfilled by the man of her dreams. If you know her well, it will be much easier to tell what she likes the most based on your previous encounters. If not, ask. But, when asking, ask about it in a flirtatious manner so that she doesn’t feel timid giving you her sincere answer.

The best thing about meeting the sexual needs of your lady first is that, it’s only after you meet and satisfy hers that she’ll return the favour. And so now you know all about the core tricks of bringing the sex animal in that woman out of her!

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