Dressing Up for Sex

Wed, 04/03/2013 - 11:00 -- amber

It’s one thing to be in a sexual relationship, another thing to be sexually compatible but a totally different thing to feel satisfied.

A healthy and satisfactory sexual relationship will therefore require that you give it your all and that you keep it spontaneous. One way of maintaining a spontaneous relationship is by dressing up. Dressing up is for both the man and the woman. It has been proved that it brings back some spark into the bedroom and increases the levels of arousal.

See through shirts are a plus. Sexy see through shirts is an automatic turn on. These you may wear while hanging with him in the house with no one else around, especially when going about your daily chores, watching a movie together or sharing a meal. These kinds of shirts will not only be more comfortable for you but can also help boost the mood of your man.

Role playing costumes are also highly as good to help keep the fire burning. If you tend to like a certain character from a show or movie, you could dress up like them and take up their characters. Other than this, you could try dressing up like uniformed professionals such as a nurse, fireman, student, etc and play their roles. This needs no much explanation since it’s both naughty and very arousing.

When choosing the dress up clothes to wear, ensure that they are made of soft fabrics that are both comfortable to the wearer and also feels soft and silky to the skin of your man. Good examples of such fabrics are materials made of satin or silk. They are so soft to the skin and will leave your man desiring to touch and feel you more and more even without having to put his hands under your clothes.

Dressing up for the bedroom could not be complete without some sexy laces and lingerie. No man can ever resist a woman on laces or lingerie especially if she knows how to work it. Men too have a preference of bold to dull colors, so when shopping, put this into consideration. All these are a complete turn on and if you want to make your man’s evening/day and blow his mind away; then you have to give these a try.

A perfect way of boosting your sex game in the bedroom would be by introducing similar dress up games but not on a day to day basis. When he/she least expects it, surprise them!

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Amber Hoffman

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