Do You Believe in Aphrodisiacs?

Do You Believe in Aphrodisiacs?

Sun, 11/04/2012 - 13:43 -- zena

Aphrodisiacs have long been believed to improve our sexual desires and abilities. Aphrodisiacs are foods that can be readily available to anyone or to some, need to be bought fresh somewhere. Believe it or not, a Spanish fly which was a powder made from ground beetles. Back in the day, it was used a powerful sexual stimulant but it was later found to be highly toxic. Later after that, less dangerous and more appetizing products were discovered to sate our sexual stimulation departments. However, there are still many claims as to which foods are sexually stimulating up to this day but there are actually a handful of foods that fit in this department. They are believed to have sexually stimulating effects even though in most cases, their effects are yet to be proven. Here is a list of aphrodisiacs that many people know yet some do not believe in.

Many believe though that oysters were labeled as aphrodisiacs mainly because somehow oysters resemble a female's sex organ

Fist on the list are oysters. They might sound cliché but they are a perfect example of aphrodisiac foods. They have long been thought to have such properties but only a few studies were done in them. At least one thing adds credibility to the claim as these slimy sea creatures are actually filled with zinc. Zinc actually controls progesterone levels which have a positive effect on one's libido. Zinc impotence can cause in impotence for men which is why any foods filled with zinc is greatly encouraged. It just so happens that oysters are loaded with these things. Many believe though that oysters were labeled as aphrodisiacs mainly because somehow oysters resemble a female's sex organ.

Talk about sexualizing food. Because many people think this way, somehow we can say that a person's sexual appetite starts with his/her mind which could mean that oysters might have psychological effect on one's libido. But they are not the only sea foods that fit under this bill as there are shrimps, prawns, mussels, scallops and more that are readily available in your local wet markets as they all contain good amounts of zinc. For men zinc is essential for healthy sperm production. Beware though as large amounts of zinc in one's diet can be highly toxic so know your limit and do not exceed it.

Perhaps the next in this list is chocolate. Chocolate has had its long history and in ancient times, it was traditionally given to a loved one as a gift. The Aztec emperor named Montezuma has said to have drank fifty cups of chocolate every day in order to enhance his sexual performance. Some say this is because of chocolate releasing some things into our brain thus enhancing our moods and then generating a feeling of being high just like when we feel crazy in love. Aside from that because of chocolate's sweet qualities, it adds to the sugar rush that boosts our energy which is probably another reason as to why it is considered an aphrodisiac. It is said that many women prefer chocolates as a snack before making love. They say it goes well with wine as well. Although chocolate being an aphrodisiac is quite questionable, luckily, chocolate contains caffeine thus it gives us the impression that we are aroused by waking us up a bit. With caffeine involved, it is safe to say that coffee can be added on this list as well.

Perhaps the next in this list is chocolate

The list includes nuts, bananas, celery and so many other foods that can either be commonly found in your home or still need to be bought somewhere however, their effectiveness as aphrodisiacs are still questionable up to this day. Are aphrodisiacs truly sexual stimulants or are they simply made up by our minds? Nobody can say for sure. If only there will be more studies that will be done based on them then perhaps we will be able to find out for sure. For now, if you want to believe that they are real then go ahead and indulge yourself with them. If not, then don't. I am a bit skeptical with the power of aphrodisiacs and I am not known for taking them to be sexually stimulated. To me, eating aphrodisiacs and informing my partner that they are aphrodisiacs only adds to the effect of him being sexually stimulated. So, basically, I can say that whatever I eat is an aphrodisiac even when in reality, they are not, just to tempt my partner more. So to me, aphrodisiac or not, they are more based psychologically rather than physically but you decide.

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