Bent Spoon

Sat, 01/21/2012 - 00:21 -- amber

Remember the “Acrobat?” This move is a slight, quirky variation on that position that is sure to bring about tons of new sensations.

For this position, the man lays on his back on the bed, his knees drawn up with his feet firmly planted on the bed about a hip’s width apart. The woman then mounts the man by laying on top of him, her back to his chest, hiking her knees up to her chest with her legs only slightly open. While the woman may be on top in this position, she is not at all in control – the man in this position thrusts from underneath his woman, and to do so he will have to thrust harder than normal to get himself all the way in, which will make the sex hotter.

This position is not the most intimate, but it will give you and your partner a new experience next time you’re feeling a little frisky in the bedroom.