Sat, 01/21/2012 - 20:17 -- amber

For a great physical closeness and intimacy, the “Mastery” position can be your best friend. If you like to kiss during intercourse, I think you’ve found your evening activity.

To master the “Mastery” position, the man should sit on a couch or bed, his legs off the edge and touching the floor while leaning back and supporting his weight on his hands. The woman should then mount his lap, spreading her legs so that they are on either side of his body (but in between his arms) and grab on to his shoulders for support. This position is great for a rocking motion, and because it’s so simple you can keep this position for as long as you want or need. There will be no rush to just “get it over with” once you try this in the bedroom – everyone will be enjoying themselves too much to come to an end.