Sat, 01/21/2012 - 20:14 -- amber

Yoga can in fact be sexy, and not just for the tight yoga pants. The “Lotus” sex position is derived from the yoga position and is incredibly relaxing but also very intimate, needing both partners to rock each other to nirvana and bliss.

To get in to this “Lotus” pose, the man should sit on the bed first, sitting in a lotus style (or how children would say, sitting “Indian Style” or cross-legged). The woman should then sit on the man’s lap, aligning her genitals with his while crossing her legs over top of his, as if she is pulling him in to an embrace. The lovers should be chest to chest. At this point they can wrap their arms around one another and begin rocking each other to heavenly bliss.

The “Lotus” position may not be very intense, but it is a way to reestablish a connection in a couple and make them truly appreciate every part of one another.