Jockey - Inverted

Sat, 01/21/2012 - 01:27 -- amber

This position is simple and to the point. It has the added bonus of being both incredibly physically and emotionally intimate, so be prepared for a great ride!

The “Jockey Inverted” position is exactly the position one would ride a horse in, except the woman (who plays the role of the horse in this little scenario) faces the man. Lying on her back, the woman should spread her legs slightly to make herself more accessible to her man. The man should then mount her as if he would a horse, kneeling down while straddling her on either side of her legs and leaning forward so that his body lays on hers. Because you two are so close, you will absolutely love this position.

While the “Jockey Inverted” position doesn’t allow for deep penetration, it does have the benefit of creating an incredibly tight fit, so you two will both receive maximum pleasure, no worries!