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Jellyfish are nasty little buggers, but the “Jellyfish” position is sure to tickle your tentacles by creating an incredible physical closeness and intimacy.

This position focuses on keeping the couple completely wrapped up in each other, a romantic yet sexy way to communicate sexually with each other. The man should first crouch down, his calves touching his thighs with his legs spread, standing in the balls of his feet. Being so low, the woman can then easily climb on top of him by straddling him, squatting down and keeping her feet firmly planted on either side of him for extra balance. Because the two will fall otherwise, they should wrap their arms around each other in a tight embrace and move together in penetration for more effective results.

While the “Jellyfish” position is a great one for couples that love physical intimacy, it can also be hard to sustain with its balance problems, so caution should be taken to make sure neither of you topple over – you’ll be taking the other one down with you, anyways!


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