Sat, 01/21/2012 - 01:09 -- amber

The name of this position truly says it all. A cousin of the “Butterfly” position, the “Delight” has a particular intimacy of being face to face for the entire duration, giving the couple a sense of closeness.

To get in to the “Delight” position, the woman should sit on the edge of a surface (a bed, couch, etc.) with her arms behind her for support and her legs spread as wide as possible to invite her man between them. The man should then kneel in front of the woman, thrusting himself in to her while pushing her legs apart and together to create new sensations for the two of them.

This is a simple position with deep penetration and incredible intimacy. A true trifecta, the “Delight” position is one every couple should add in to their naughty books to try tonight or sometime soon. Why not treat yourself to some afternoon delight?