Reverse Pile Driver

Sat, 01/21/2012 - 20:27 -- amber

Exotic and erotic, the “Reverse Pile Driver” position has an advantage over its cousin, the “Pile Driver;” in this position, the man doesn’t have to have as much concern about bending his penis too much, making it easier and more care-free to thrust as hard as he pleases. For directions on how to get in to this position, see the page for the “Pile Driver” and, instead of the man looking down at his partner, he should face away from them.

Despite the inhibition granted from not over-exerting the penis, this position still must be done with care so that the man does not accidentally knock the woman over. With the strain on her abdominal muscles already at a maximum, any extra push may really harm her.

Because this position is so physically exerting, it is best to build up stamina and flexibility before you try this with each other, perhaps by doing yoga together. This will lessen the chance of injury.