Pile Driver

Sat, 01/21/2012 - 20:26 -- amber

Another position for those with stamina and flexibility out the wazoo, the “Pile Driver” is a dramatic position with an interesting face-to-face twist.

For creating this beast of a position, the woman should lay on her back on the floor, lifting her rear in the air until she is supporting herself solely on her shoulders (with her arms propping her back up for extra support). To make this position easier on the woman, she may want to consider laying with her back against a couch or bed so that there is not as much pressure on her muscles. The man should then straddle her in a squat, looking down at her as he penetrates her and squats up and down to thrust in to her.

While this position is exotic and erotic, be careful not to overdo as this can truly be painful for both of you if it goes wrong.