Monkey Bar

Sat, 01/21/2012 - 20:22 -- amber

Time to monkey around. A note: this position is only possible if you have a pull up bar or other type of randomly hanging sturdy bar in your house that can support the weight of the man in this couple. Because of its required props, this is a lesser known position, but if you have the items this can be incredibly pleasurable.

The bar should be set up in the center of a clear space so that everyone is safe during this position. The man should hang from the bar in an overhand position, his legs lifted off the ground so that his feet are not touching. With him in position, the woman should stand in front of him facing away and insert him in to her, keeping her hands on his hips so that when he pulls up he can also be pushing himself in to her.

Height differences? Not a problem. The woman in this can easily wear high heels or squat down to a height that is level with her partner’s genitals.

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