Sat, 01/21/2012 - 01:24 -- amber

This quirky little position is a great way to switch up your sex life if you need some variety or if you’re downright bored with each other! The “Intersextion” is an easy way you two can crash in to each other!

For this position to work properly, the woman should get on to the bed first, laying on one of her sides while supporting her upper body by placing one of them out in front of her. The man should then get on the bed and slide in between her legs while lying on his side, his face turned towards her back. He should then begin to thrust in to her. While this position does not allow for the deepest of penetration possible, it is intensely erotic in being so different from the norm, so it may just be worth it for you to try!

A word of caution – this position is prone to causing pain in the woman’s trapped leg, so perhaps this should only be a temporary position for the two of you.