Ex Sex

Sat, 01/21/2012 - 01:13 -- amber

Can’t stand each other? Why look at each other? The “Ex Sex” position is the perfect position for two people who either can’t stand to be in the presence of each other (but have mind-blowing sex together) or a very adventurous couple.

This position is a slight twist on the basic “Missionary,” reducing intimacy between the two people. To get in to “Ex Sex,” the woman should lie on the bed on her back, spreading her legs slightly so as to allow the man to enter her. Her man should then climb on to the bed, placing his legs on her pelvis and spreading them so that they are outside of the woman’s arms. Supporting himself on his hands, he should gently enter her backwards, taking care to not bend the penis too much outside of its natural, comfortable position. To make sure the man is stable, the woman can also place her hands on his buttocks.