Sat, 01/21/2012 - 01:03 -- amber

Can you say giddyup? This position is a natural one that will provide pleasure for as long as the two of you happy ranchers will last!

To get in to the stirrups, have the woman lay down on the bed on her back, legs firmly closed. The man should then mount her, straddling her hips with his legs on his knees. From there, the man can penetrate and thrust deeply inside her. Because the woman’s legs are closed, the tight fit will add a boost of pleasure for both members of the couple. The man should thrust from his hips, sitting up straight to look at his woman and really enjoy the view in front of him. With free hands, he can even play with the woman’s breasts for a fun twist on this classic position.

Penetration in this position may be tricky at first, but if you fall off the horse at first, just hop right back on and try again! It’s well worth it!

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