Sat, 01/21/2012 - 00:26 -- amber

A man-on-top “Reverse Amazon,” the “Brute” is primal caveman sex if we’ve ever seen it.

This position is pretty tricky to get in to, so take it step by step. Have the woman lay in her back on the bed, knees curled up to her breasts and legs spread about a hip’s width apart to allow the man room to move. The man should then sit in between her legs in a standing squat, facing away from her, aligning himself with her genitals. Slowly, he should penetrate her while grabbing on to her thighs for support. The man is in complete control from then on, which he certainly would not have in any normal “Amazon” position. If the man is feeling particularly daring and comfortable with his position, he can even go so far as to reach back and stimulate his partner manually to make the entire experience more pleasurable for her as well.