Big Dipper

Sat, 01/21/2012 - 00:22 -- amber

Need an excuse to take your partner in the living room? Trying to subversively tell your man to work out? The “Big Dipper” is the position for you! Note that this position takes a lot of endurance on the man’s behalf, so this isn’t a position to stay in for long periods of time.

To get in to this, set your coffee table or ottoman parallel to your couch, leaving enough space between them for you and your lover to fit. The woman should stand on one leg with the other bent at a ninety degree angle and rested on object behind it. The man, however, should get in to a backwards push-up position, resting his hands on the object behind him and his feet between the legs of his woman on the same object she has her leg on. The man controls the movement but pushing up in to the woman with his arms and then releasing tension. However, the woman can help him along by pushing him down with her arms if need be.

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