The Asian Cowgirl Reverse

Sat, 01/21/2012 - 00:14 -- amber

The reverse cowgirl is as kinky as most couples dare to try, so why not just add a little extra life to that position by switching the way the couple’s bodies interact with each other? This position allows for great penetration and still a feeling of closeness between the couple, even if they are not facing each other.

To get in to this position, the man lays on his back, waiting for the woman to straddle him. As the woman mounts him, facing his legs, she stays in a standing squat, hovering above the man’s body and bracing herself with his ankles or, if the man chooses to bend his legs, with his knees. Instead of grinding on the man, the woman instead is forced to squat, creating a new sensation for both participants. While this isn’t the most kinky thing in the bedroom, it is a way of spicing things up.