The Asian Cowgirl

Sat, 01/21/2012 - 00:13 -- amber

A twist on the regular “Cowgirl” position that has become a staple for the bedroom, the “Asian Cowgirl” adds an exercise feature for the woman by having her do squats the entire time. Genius!

The “Asian Cowgirl” position starts with the man on his back on the bed, waiting for his woman to mount him. When the woman climbs on top of him, she will be on him in a squatting position, placing her hands on his shoulders for extra support while the man reaches underneath the woman and places his hands on her haunches to help lift her every time she moves. With feet planted in a firm straddle position, this position restricts movements a little, making the woman push harder to achieve the same pleasure she normally would, which makes it all the better for her. While it may be a little strange at first, this position is one that will have you truly appreciating each other’s bodies more as you will feel and see them more.