Sat, 01/21/2012 - 20:47 -- amber

Sybian (n) – a machine on which women attach phallic devices that thrust, rotate, and vibrate in order to stimulate themselves sexually.

While the man can’t necessarily vibrate or rotate his penis, using a man instead of this machine is still intensely erotic. For this position to work, the man should make use of the home ottoman and lay on it on his back, his limbs draped over the sides. The woman should then climb on top of him, facing him, with her feet planted on the floor on either side of him. She should then lower herself in a squat and ride him, pushing off of his chest to use his penis to her full advantage.

We promise, this is the one time a man won’t be complaining about a woman taking advantage of him. “She’s just using me for my body.” “At least she uses your body.”

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