Sat, 01/21/2012 - 20:40 -- amber

Yet another children’s toy debased by a sexual position. The “See-Saw” is a great position for the two of you to try next time you are in the bedroom and are feeling particularly intimate. Providing great face-to-face contact, the “See-Saw” is the perfect position for you.

To create this “See-Saw” the man should first sit on the bed, his back erect as he waits for the woman to sit on his lap. Aligning her pelvis with his, she should carefully sit down, positioning her legs on either side of the man’s body to not crush him. For extra support, she should keep her arms straight and her hands on his shoulders so that they do not fall too far apart or too close together because either position could bend the penis too much and cause immense pain. By rocking back and forth, you two can give a new definition to give and take as you mutually bring each other to orgasm.