Sat, 01/21/2012 - 20:37 -- amber

How long would you last on a mechanical bull? Why not simulate a bull in the bedroom and create a yeehawing good time for you and your partner? Cowboy hat and chaps are completely optional, but encouraged.

This positions also called Reverse Cowgirl and also appears on an actual painting from the 1st century. That's the days of Julius Caesar, Apollo, & Marc Anthony. The reverse cowgirl position as we know it was referred to as "the reverse Venus" in that era.

So, how to get into it? To get into “Rodeo” in your very own bedroom, the man should lay on his back on the bed, just waiting for his partner. The woman should then climb on top of him, facing away from him before kneeling down in to a low straddle that will connect their genitals while supporting her upper body by keeping her arms straightened on his knees. The man can push, pull, or simply hold on to the woman’s hips as she rides him, giving him an excellent view of her rear end.

Easy to get in to, easy to perform, the “Rodeo” position is tame in comparison to its mechanical bull counterpart. Hop on for a ride and make sure you enjoy it for all it’s worth!