Riding Astride

Sat, 01/21/2012 - 20:35 -- amber

Squats and revers pushups have never been so sexy. The “Riding Astride” is a woman-on-top position with the benefit of giving her a muscle-toning workout and intense pleasure. Is there anything wrong with this position? We think not.

For “Riding Astride” to work, the man should lay down on a couch or on the bed, his legs still together. With him simply lying there, the woman should climb on top of him, facing out from him. Her feet should still be firmly planted on the floor and she should be braced tightly by her arms behind her as she raises and lowers herself on to his penis, controlling all the pleasure.

This position takes a little bit of stamina from the woman, so it’s okay to switch up from here if things get too difficult. If the man feels so inclined, he can also use his hands to raise and lower her on top of him, making things easier for her in the long run.