Sat, 01/21/2012 - 20:16 -- amber

Cancel your gym membership, because you will never need it again after you give this position a try. The “Lunges” position creates a burn in the leg, a sensation that lets you know “hey, you’re doing it correctly.”

To get in to this position, the man should lie on his back with his legs spread as wide as he can to allow the woman ample room and access to his genitalia. The woman should then mount her man, getting in to a typical lunge position she would take in the gym – leaving one foot back in a kneeling position and then crossing the other leg over his body in a squat like pose. She can then grind and thrust from there by adjusting her hips and legs.

This position is guaranteed to burn off dinner and dessert. Why go to the gym in the morning when this is so much more fun?