Lap Dance Kneeling

Sat, 01/21/2012 - 01:29 -- amber

This position has all the pleasures of a lap dance plus the extra bonus of being able to penetrate deeper than before with the woman’s legs spread wider.

For this position to groove, the man should sit on a chair or couch with a back, his legs slightly spread. The woman should then climb on to his lap, facing away from him, in a kneeling straddle so that her genitals connect with his. The woman has all control in this position as she chooses to grind, gyrate, or thrust to get the man (and herself) off.

There are, however, some pitfalls to this position. Because the woman’s legs are so splayed, her thighs may get tired easily, making it a harder position to maintain for very long. Also, this position actually runs the risk of having too deep of penetration, although this is easily remedied by simply having the woman lift up her pelvis slightly to lessen the impact.