Kneeling Greva Amazon

Sat, 01/21/2012 - 00:10 -- amber

The “Kneeling Greva Amazon” is not in any way traditional, romantic, or intimate - it is for bedroom thrill-seekers and experimenters.

Like the “Amazon,” this position starts off with the man on his back, his legs hiked up as far back as they can go to allow the woman room to maneuver. The man’s legs serve as a seat for the woman to rest herself in to, facing away from the man. Then, the woman must lower herself on to the man’s body in a kneeling squat, using her legs to do all the work with continuous squats.

While this position is anything but polite, it is great for a new sexual sensation and for people who may feel like their sex life is becoming a little to routine. By incorporating this new angle in to your bedroom, you will discover new sensations and pleasures to pull out every time you’re feeling frisky!