Kneeling Amazon

Sat, 01/21/2012 - 00:10 -- amber

There’s no difficulty in seeing who’s in control now. The “Kneeling Amazon” is a position of power and assertiveness as well as comfort.

Similar to the “Amazon” position, this also gives the woman the extra leverage of being on her knees through intercourse so as to not be too physically straining.

These sister positions are roughly the same in how they are set up. The man lays on his back, curling his legs towards him to allow the woman ample room to straddle the area behind his legs for maximum access to his body. The woman then positions herself straddling the man’s pelvis on her knees and slowly lowers herself on to him. This position is all about letting go of inhibitions and really just letting loose. Because the main action of the “Kneeling Amazon” is squatting, the woman can really control every sensation felt during the act by regulating intensity and speed.