Sat, 01/21/2012 - 01:20 -- amber

Sometimes you two get so similar you literally blend your sentences and wardrobes together. One could say you even fused together. Make that oh-so-cute transformation in to each other oh-so hot with this erotic position.

The “Fusion” position works at its most basic level by creating multiple layers of stimulation. The man should sit down on the bed first, his back straight and his legs bent at low angle to just lift his knees of the bed. After that, the woman should climb on top of him in a seated position facing him, spreading her legs so that they land on either side of his body. She should then lean back and support herself with her hands as he penetrates her, allowing her to be completely filled with him while simultaneously giving her the ability to change his angle of penetration by just raising or lowering her elbow. This change in angle can be done repeatedly throughout this position to create new sensations for the woman, doubling her pleasure.

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