Sat, 01/21/2012 - 01:04 -- amber

Generally when we talk about crabs in the bedroom, it’s a huge turn off. But this position should be a huge turn on! The “Crab” position allows for some serious G-Spot stimulation by reaching deep inside of the woman and stroking upwards, and it feels pretty damn good for the man, too!

To get this position right and make it comfortable for both people, start off in an “Armchair position” – have the man lay on his back with his legs spread apart to begin. After he is on the bed, the woman should get on top of him, her legs spread with her feet near his shoulders as she is in a seated position near the pelvis. Putting her hands behind her and supporting her weight on his knees, the woman should slowly insert her man in to her and use her arms to push forward and pleasure herself. For added comfort, a pillow can be placed under the man’s knees. Be sure not to bend the penis too far, however, or pain will be more prominent than pleasure.

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