Sat, 01/21/2012 - 01:04 -- amber

It’s about time a woman took charge and really just rode her man! This classic position is a staple in many couples’ bedrooms, and with good reason. The “Cowgirl” position is simple, effective, and very straightforward.

To hop on the horse, so to speak, the man should lay on his back, his legs spread apart slightly and bent at the knee with his feet planted on the bed. The woman should then straddle her man on her knees, aligning her genitals with his and slowly pulling him in to her. Because the woman is in control, she can choose to either lift herself from her knees and bounce for stimulation or to grind forward and backwards to find pleasure. Letting the man sit back and relax is a relief for him while the woman being in control is highly empowering for her. It’s truly a win-win situation that you have in this position!