Amazon Reverse

Sat, 01/21/2012 - 00:11 -- amber

The “Amazon Reverse” is a simple down and dirty position with tons of potential for pleasure. By climbing on top of the submissive partner and riding them backwards in a full-on squatting position, this position just exudes power.

To correctly do the “Amazon Reverse,” the male lies on his back, his legs drawn up to his chest. Following this, the woman lowers her body, backwards, on to the man’s pelvis in a standing squat position, taking ownership of the position. Using her partner’s legs for support, the woman can lift and drop herself in a squat at the rate that she desires, and the man, if he feels comfortable with the woman’s balance, can even reach around and stimulate her manually for some extra pleasure. This position’s boldness may be a little forward at times, but it is well worth it for the new sensations and empowering positions you can be in.