Sat, 01/21/2012 - 00:09 -- amber

Not only will this position provide you with endless pleasure, it’s also a fabulous workout for your buns and gluts!

Ladies, if you’re shy, you may want to skip this article. The “Amazon” is not your typical woman-on-top position. In fact, it is incredibly masculine.

Have your man lay on his back, partially curling his body in to a ball by rolling his legs up. Straddle his pelvis in a standing squat position so that your bits are lined up for the main event, and then slowly lower yourself on top of him. Release your inner Amazonian woman and go wild! This position is all about you being in control and dominant. You choose how deep you want to be and how fast you want to go. Added bonus: you can request that your man also reach under you and provide some extra stimulation if you’re not getting enough already.