Sat, 01/21/2012 - 00:25 -- amber

Like architecture? Try building a “Bridge” in the bedroom with this easy-to-use position.

For setting up this “Bridge,” the man should climb no to the bed first and kneel there, his legs spread slightly apart to make movement easier and more stable. After this step is complete, the woman should climb on to the bed and lay back with her legs spread around the man’s. She should then lift her body up, supporting herself on her hands and feet, in to what would be considered a crab-walk position with her pelvis against the man’s. This position is very similar to the “Arch” position from earlier, however it requires more strength on the woman’s behalf. A perk of this position is that the man’s hands are completely free, allowing them to wander across the woman’s body and stimulate her in any way that will help her reach orgasm faster. With a position that can give so much pleasure, who’s to protest?