Sat, 01/21/2012 - 00:12 -- amber

Although it is not mind-blowingly complicated or acrobatic, the “Arch” is an easy way to switch up the missionary position with a new angle and new depth.

To get in to the “Arch,” the male partner will kneel on the center of the bed, leaving enough space for his woman to lie down. After she gets on the bed (on her back), the man will pull her forward, elevating her pelvis to his and pulling her as close as he can to his body. The woman’s legs will be straddling his, her back arched with her weight supported in her shoulders to be able to sustain this position for a long time. This position allows for a great angle and depth of penetration, plus because the man’s arms are open he can also manually stimulate his woman to make orgasm more obtainable for both of them, making it a staple for any bedroom.