Things You Shouldn't Say In Bed

Things You Shouldn't Say In Bed

Mon, 12/17/2012 - 16:37 -- zena

This might not have been a problem to you but perhaps it was to some. It has happened to most men and fewer women. Just imagine yourself having one of the best sex action ever and then all of a sudden, for no apparent reason, you say the stupidest thing possible. Sadly, some people just don't know when to keep their mouths shut. Here are some of them:

This is your first time right? – Asking this question isn't really advisable. If it is your first time to have sex with this person, why should it matter if that person is a virgin or not? If the mood is already set and you are both getting hot and heavy with the petting and the foreplay then why should you even stop just to ask that question? Respect your partner's privacy and just go with it. Whether he/she is a virgin or not is not something that you should bring up when you first go to bed with each other.

Maybe we should turn off the lights. – You never, ever, ever tell this to anyone. Especially when your zipper's already down and she's already started stripping. Telling her that you should turn off the lights only means that you don't want to see any of her body parts with the lights on because they are hideous. With that in mind, she will just end up feeling insecure and then ruining the mood. In the end, you might not be getting anything at all. Good luck with that erection, dude.

I hope you're still good looking in the morning. – Most women wear make up often to look beautiful and honestly, the reason they do it the most is for the opposite sex. Looking good for themselves is just one perk for looking good for their partners. Many men say that most women either look hideous or look unrecognizable with their make up. This is why most of them speculate that their women won't look as good in the morning. But don't say it when you are getting down and dirty with each other.

I want to make babies with you. – Sure, making love means you might be making babies but that doesn't mean you have to go say it. Most women say this than men. If you aren't ready to have babies despite being in the mood to do something nasty, you just won't feel like doing it anymore. If you are a woman who thinks that her body clock will be expiring soon then this is a very likely scenario for you. But if you want things to last with your and your partner, save it for next time. Never while you are in the middle of having sex.

Do you have your condom with you? – Of course, you want to know if he has one with him especially if you don't want to get pregnant but bringing it up while in the middle of lovemaking is just not smooth. Most women ask this question. Good thing there are some men who automatically know to have one ready whenever needed.

Did you remember to take the pill? – For men you want to make sure that their partners don't get pregnant just yet, they often ask these questions. Sadly, some of them ask it during the wrong time. This isn't exactly what you should be telling her while you are mounting her and getting with it in her.

Calling your ex's name while having sex. – This is probably one of the most cruel crimes in bed. It is bad enough that you are thinking about a different person while having sex with your current partner but it gets even worse when you actual call out your ex's name in the middle of it. Imagine how that would be like if your the partner heard it.

Are those real? – No need to know if any body part is real especially not while you are in bed with her. Asking her if her breasts or her butt are real isn't really what you should be doing. Just enjoy them and ask questions later. Unless, you want to get nothing out of it.

Did you come yet? – Definitely a big no no! It is like you are not really into the moment while having sex with your partner which is why you have to ask that question. Feel it rather than ask for it.

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