The Naughty Way of Branding Your Loved One - Love Bite

The Naughty Way of Branding Your Loved One - Love Bite

Tue, 10/02/2012 - 20:34 -- maiya

You’re in the middle of love making session and abruptly you feel something has bitten you. That very part of the body gets numb giving you pain but pleasure too at the same time! What is this? Is it a mosquito bite? Well, it’s your intimacy transforming your partner into a monster to eat you! Its surely is the love bite given to you by your horny partner with the intention of eating you!

Wherever we look around, in these modern times it’s a common practice of carrying a love bite on your explicit body parts openly. We may catch the person easily who has spent his or her night tremendously making love with their partners if they are branded with their partner’s love on the neck! Love bite is basically the portrayal of your partners love for you. It is basically a bruise which is caused by sucking the skin. The best places where a girl can get a love bite are her neck, arms and her curves. However, to turn on the guys, giving them love bites on their neck would be the best place.

Love bite is generally not only associated with giving bites but is commonly used to turn your significant other on to the level that they become too horny. Always remember giving love bite doesn’t mean biting the person but sucking and kissing the part so gently that it makes the love bite more pleasurable and passionate. The couples having their most amazing moment left without a love bite would be like having food without salt. Love bites have become an essential part of the love making sessions. This not only intrigues the partners but always adds a mischievous tinge to the whole lot.

How would you feel if you’re significant half’s lips are tenderly touching the assets of your body? The suction from their mouth on your skin, the moment where the pain becomes pleasure? All these pleasures are attained by giving love bites to your partners. Love bites have always been the part of both gentle and wild love making sessions however the look of love bites are definitely different. Love bites are caused by the suction of your skin which eventually leads to bursting the tiny blood vessels giving them a look of bruise. However, the bruises are completely different from the love bites and the difference can easily be told. However, the size of the love bites is dependent on how horny you are while giving the love bite to your significant half!

Many people have faces challenging problems in the society if the love bite is very much visible. Of course for some people till today, carrying a weird mark on their neck would be embarrassing as the mark says it all explaining your deeds. It is very much comfortable for girls especially to have their love bites in the places that are not so visible to the whole world in order to avoid embarrassment!

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