The Lovers' Book of Secrets

The Lovers' Book of Secrets

Sat, 11/10/2012 - 17:54 -- kylerichtig

Create a scrapbook of your sex life with your partner. Use as a communication and recording tool for the sexual side of your relationship. You may not want to keep this scrapbook on the public shelf!

Why create a book?

Your lover's book of secrets is meant as a relationship tool. Use it to record your relationship and create intimate time that is not physically sexual in nature. Working on your book gives you a chance to express yourself and hear your partner in ways that both of you may be too embarrassed to say aloud.

Creating your book

Make your own book by hand, or purchase a premade book with blank pages (the much easier option). Surprise your partner with the book on your anniversary, or create/purchase together. Together create rules for what will go into the book, including a strict no judgment policy for anything found inside. You want honesty in these pages, and the contents will make your partner vulnerable.

What to include

There are no rules for what you may want to include in your lover's book of secrets. With photo printing and digital camera technologies, you can create your own professional photos to include. The book can range from the more romantic to sexually descriptive based on your rules. Include letters to your partner on special occasions such as birthdays or anniversaries as a chronicle of your relationship. Partners can write sexual fantasies that they may not be comfortable sharing verbally. Include scrapbook items such as hotel room receipts if recording your memories of sexual encounters. Record positive reviews of sexual encounters only.

Reviewing your book

You may wish to create rules around reviewing the book. Some couples may wish to only view it separately, while others may wish to read the book together before sex. When you wish to review your book may revolve around the contents. If you are creating a more romantic book, it may be more appropriate for anniversaries and date nights. If your book is more sexual in nature, you may wish to review more often, to understand your partners' needs.

Creating a lover's book of secrets is meant to bring couples together intimately. Each couple is unique; therefore every book will be different. Feel free to change the tone of your book as you go - keep it flexible based on your relationship's needs at the time. Use it to boost sexual unions or relationship communication. It's up to you!

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